5 Sure ways to make your perfume last longer

5 Sure ways to make your perfume last longer

Have you ever prepared a meal for a special person but others came around to finish the food before the person arrived. One of the reasons we wear perfumes is for others to perceive and get a whiff of the scent we have on. We usually know they are getting the scent by the compliments we receive and this is a boost to our personality. How can you then make the fragrance of your perfume last longer so you do not end up disappointed because that special person did not perceive it?

  1. One thing you need to realize is that there are differences between Eau de toilette, Eau de parfum and Parfum. The concentration of fragrance essential oil in all of them differs thereby affecting the strength of their scent and the duration for which it lasts. Eau de toilette only lasts only 3-4 hours, Eau de parfum about 7-8 hours and Perfume usually lasts for more than 12 hours retaining its strength and original composition. This will help you make informed choices when selecting your perfume.
  2. The skin plays an important role in determining how long your perfume will last, a dry skin will lack the essential oil needed for perfume to be absorbed into the skin. The skin can be moisturized before applying the perfume so that the scent can stay for a longer time on the skin.
  3. Perfumes last longer on clothes, so while you are dressing up for day just spray on your clothes so as to increase longevity. Spraying of your hairs also makes your perfume last longer. The hair follicle can absorb the perfume oil thereby it can carry the fragrance for a long time while giving sweet wafts that will make you turn heads.
  4. For a longer lasting effect of your perfume, it is essential you know where to wear them. The pulse points of the body like the wrist, back of the ears, the neck just below the jaw and on the elbow. These offer perfect skin spots where you can wear your perfume. The body heat radiating from the arteries in these location heats up the perfume and cause them to have the most projection.
  5. Keep your perfume in a cool and dark place, light and heat has been observed to reduce the quality of the fragrance overtime.

Do not worry if you can no longer perceive the scents of your own perfume after sometime, this happens to almost everybody. This is as a result of your sense of smell getting used to the scent (Olfactory over sensitization) and it then starts ignoring it after a while just like your eyes ignores your nose even though it is always in your line of sight.

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